Sunday with Kenya Hara: ‘I’ll be up at 4am and on my way’


How do your Sundays start? Recently I’ve travelled on Sundays to shoot short films. I made one about the Shimanto – Japan’s last clean river – in Kōchi Prefecture, another on the village of Ine on Wakasa Bay. I’ll be up at 4am before the sun and on my way.

Do you always work? I feel it’s more of a hobby. I like to be at the office on Sundays because it’s empty. I don’t get bombarded with questions and can work at my own pace. And it’s in Ginza, a big shopping district. On Sunday the streets are pedestrianised – I enjoy the quiet on my breaks.

And on Sundays off? A walk along the river before breakfast. Normally it’s rice and miso soup, but on weekends I eat bacon and eggs. Then I’d visit the Tsutaya bookstore, to relax in the garden.

Sunday memories? My friends and I would make up excuses to our parents about science experiments so we could stay out all night. We’d be off on adventures from dusk until dawn. Walking home at sunrise, I’d marvel at the light coming down between the roofs around me, the colours so special at this otherwise unseen hour.

Sunday lunch… Is best at Terrazza Triennale, my favourite rooftop restaurant. It’s behind Milan’s Triennale Design Museum, where I’ve held many exhibitions. With things running smoothly, it’s where our team celebrates; my happy place.

And Sunday night? All my university work [Hara is a professor at Musashino Art University] is compressed into Mondays, so if all my prep is completed, I’ll sit in front of my big television screen with a drink. I like something strong – vodka or Chinese baijiu will do – but there’s no better way to end a day than with a double scotch over ice.